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Load Equalizing Dolly; ER42

Load equalizing dollies use specially formulated, non-marking synthetic wheels for the ulti- mate in floor protection. In the 14, 28, and 42 ton sets, individual wheel loads are less than 1750 lbs. at rated capacity. Wheels are fitted with shielded ball bearings for low rolling resis-t ance. Steering dollies have oscillating “wheel boxes” to prevent edge loading. The design of the system insures equal load distribution over the multi-wheel arrangement. Steering dolly wheels are located on either side of the swivel, allowing counter -rotation around the swivel when being turned. In many cases the swivel dolly may be turned while stationary . All dollies have fully supported axle ends. This helps prevent axle flex as is common in can- tilever style units. Fully enclosed frames help prevent wheel damage. The modular format allows conversion to a four point system when required, or the rear dollies may be used alone without the swivel dolly. The system may be easily disassembled without the use of tools for easy transport.

Unique Features

Wheel bearings are set directly into the synthetic wheel. This prevents delamination of the synthetic wheel from a metal “hub”. This also allows the wheels to be cut down should they pick up any chips or debris. Swivel plates are mounted on ball type thrust bearings.


The swivel plate may be easily removed and duplicated in steel for machinery with skirt type bases or legs. The steel swivel may then be easily adapted with flanges, studs, or tapped holes to accommodate these applications. Load equalizing dollies are also available with aluminum wheels. They offer greater durability in applications that do not require the same degree of floor protection.

Features / Benefits

  • Non-marking synthetic wheels for floor protection

  • Low individual wheel load at rated capacity

  • Oscillating wheel boxes help prevent edge loading

  • Multi wheel arrangement for equal load distribution

  • Available with optional aluminum wheels

  • Can be modified to perform as “powered”

  • Can be easily disassembled without tools

  • Steering dolly wheels counter-rotate around swivel

  • All dollies have fully supported axle ends

  • Fully enclosed frames

  • Modular format allows conversion to four point system

  • Wheel bearings are set directly into synthetic wheel

  • Swivel plates are mounted on high quality thrust bearings

  • Wheels can be “cut down” should they pick up debris

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