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Specializing in all types of rigging equipment, to move or lift loads from hundreds of pounds to thousands of tons. Common items used are dollies, jacks, hoists, air bearings, slings, gantries, electric johnson bar, blocks, chain slings, shackles & cumalongs. We're always available to evaluate your requirements and determine the most suitable equipment for the job. If common items won't work or need to be modified, we'll work with you to provide custom made equipment for special applications.


Dollies come in many different styles. We can evaluate your application for dollies and determine the most suitable for your needs.


 System capacities range from 2,000 lbs. to 720,000 lbs. Additional load modules may be added to increase capacity or for loads requiring additional points of support.

Slider Pads


Low height slider pads for use on all types of floors, dock plates, and truck beds. Home Plate style with a built in bulkhead normally for use at the front edge of the load. Primarily used for forward movement. 


Push or pull heavy loads with a touch of a button

  • 2000 lbs. Pushing Force

  • Adjustable Toe

Toe Jacks


Low toe height with capacities to 25 Tons on the toe. High quality construction with features not found in similar jacks such as ball & seat lowering valve, replaceable pump barrel, urethane piston cup seal, and replaceable pump clevis pins.

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