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Beam; Spreader; End Fittings


• Build your own spreader beam.

• Designed to work with a range of shackle sizes, both top and    bottom.

• Conforms to ASME B30.20 when assembled to specifications    using schedule 40 pipe.

The  Model BEF is designed to use schedule 40 ERW pipe as the central structural element between the end fittings. This structural material is readily available at most steel service centers.

The Model BEF-2 1/2 requires a 2-1/2" nominal size, the Model BEF-5 requires a 5" nominal size, and the BEF-8 requires an 8" nominal size schedule 40 ERW pipe.

Other requirements are:

• The length of pipe used for this central element must be straight      within 1/4" end to end.

• The pipe should have the ends cleanly cut square with its                


• The schedule 40 ERW pipe should not have any weld joint                    irregularities.

• Each end of the schedule 40 ERW pipe must have the correct             diameter holes drilled through both walls and both ends must be     in line.

• The schedule 40 ERW pipe used in this application does not need      to have passed any pressure testing. The retaining bolts used to        secure the Caldwell Model BEF 2-1/2 and 5 to the schedule 40          ERW pipe must be a Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screw 5/8-11 with          minimum length of 4-1/2" and 8" respectively. The bolt for the            BEF-8 is a Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screw 1-8 with a minimum            length of 11-1/2".

Note: Complete assembly instructions are provided with each set of end fittings.

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