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Mechanical Jacks

■ 8 Models.

■ Double-lever sockets for jacking in close quarters.

■ Multiple-tooth pawls for strength & safety.

■ Drop-forged, alloy steel, heat-treated components.

■ Adjustable spring links.

■ Plated springs to resist corrosion.

■ Precision machining throughout.

■ Large base insures a firm foundation.

■ Supports full rated capacity on the toe or the cap.

■ Steel lever bars sold separately

■ 5 Ton Ratchet Jacks

These units are all mechanically identical and vary only in stroke and height.

■ 10 Ton Ratchet Jacks

The 1017 and 22B incorporate a ductile iron housing for maximum durability.

The A1022, which is identical to the 22B except for an aluminum housing, is the

ideal choice when portability is important. These jacks are often selected for lifts

of 10 tons or less because of their low handle effort.

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